It All Dies Anyway: L.A., Jabberjaw, And The End Of An Era

once upon a time i was in a very nice band called Los Cincos. we played from 94 till about 99(?). somewhere in the midst of that time, we had the wonderful fortune of falling into the web of the mighty Jabberjaw club located at 3711 Pico Blvd. in the heart of Los Angeles. some of our bands most memorable gigs, at least in my mind, had to have come from Jabberjaw, there is no doubt. we got billed with The Make-Up, Teengenerate, The Peechees, Man Or Astroman?, Thee Headcoats!, (we opened for them twice in the same night, under the same roof)…these memorable gigs are the memories that make up a good portion on my DNA. Jabberjaw head captain and half personality/hostess, Michelle Carr pulled together everyone who is anyone having once passed through the iron gates into caffeinated rock and roll pure sweet hell known as Jabberjaw, and collected photos, stories, flyer art, and anything that could fit in between it’s glorious pages.

the book really acts out as the greatest midlife underground independent yearbook ever printed and bound.

jabberjaw book

los cincos spread

Los Cincos has had the sheer honor to be included in this amazing coffee table book published by Rizzoli International Publications, and available at most of your favorite bookstores, coffee shops, art houses, yadda yadda yadda….
looks like i will also be long over due for posting more music on this site. i will be doing so in good time. for now, dig this book daddy-o and get with “what once was.”


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  1. Aaron

    A few months ago I was listening to KSPC and song came on and I thought, “who is this awesome drummer?”. Ha! It turned out to be Los Cincos Hi Jinx Ball. Awesome stuff man!

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