“the valenshrine whipping post”

the world seemed up for grabs,

and towing close behind

the tools of sound, passionately.

under a wash of stardom,

between aisles of lackluster wheels,

with enough time to know.

something rolls a layer back,

it’s underbelly now exposed,

showing bare bones and goodness knows.

untimely pebbles splash,

snakeskin streets skipped upon,

picking free a jewel here and there.

understand this connection.

twice more kissed by seduction,

manicured handsomely beneath wraps,

letting the pale ivory gleam.

extracting the sap of a day

made for nothing more than this,

st. vincent’s cold tomb in remembrance.

channeled grand visions,

prerecorded future games and prints,

some kind of honing inward,deep.

locked by golden hinges swing,

palpitating gray river indifference,

and winning the whites of outer iris space.

sometimes in all the time

with no time to spare.

copywrite:jeremy szuder


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