Baby Blue from Los Cincos 7″ version

not a rare recording, but i wanted to eventually get some actual Los Cincos proper recordings posted on here as well. during the recording of “April March and Los Cincos” on Sympathy For The Record Industry, it was decided by the band and April March that we should take a crack at recording a handful of the songs for that album, along with a few more recordings we were wanting to record, and we headed out to Poop Alley to make the record from which this 7″ came from. this particular cut is a wonderful Dennis Bunton composition, complete with bicycle bell, horns and the legendary ladies choir, assembled in large part by the phonebook of one Tom Grimley. Tom Grimley was always a favorite of mine when it came to recording records…he utilized the overhead mic on drums probably better than anyone else we have ever worked with. it is unfortunate that i no longer own a copy of this great little gem, but was quite thrilled to find it floating around online in peoples music blogs. i will post more from this great album, as well as favorites from others in due time. enjoy the sunshine!


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