some new illustrations!

so it has been a while since i have gotten to work on anything new, and i was starting to get the itch. i have been on the l.a. record illustrators hit list for a few years now, and though i am usually very busy, this time i hit them back for some work. not only did i get a quick reply, but they asked me to do three different illustrations! i had to cut it down to two, being that i am still a busy dude, but i worked out the two they gave me. one was for Kid Congo, pretty rad. his newest album was called Gorilla Rose, so that one was done before i made one scratch on paper. the other one was for Bachelorette, someone i had never heard of before, but i liked her artwork and her style, so that one came freely and without incident. both illustrations started with some ink drawings which i then dumped into photoshop…my new favorite way to work. i enjoyed working on these very much, and am hoping to have the time to do some more work for this great publication in the near future.


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Filed under drawings, photoshop

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