Cracked Feat (version 1) – The Syncopation

so here is another Syncopation track for your head to ingest. we played this one alot live, and i always thought it was a great tune. i played a pretty primal beat throughout, so as to not hinder the razors edge feel of the whole thing. professor cantaloupe played second kit, adding in the little fun bits here and there. enjoy.



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2 responses to “Cracked Feat (version 1) – The Syncopation

  1. Kris

    Wow, I have been dying to hear more stuff from the Syncopation since I first heard the split with GoGoGo Airheart. Thanks so much for posting this! Any chance of getting a copy (download or otherwise) of the full length CD-R recordings the Syncopation put out? My memory might be flawed, but I swear someone was selling them when I saw Volume 11 tour years ago. Wish I’d picked them up at the time. I also recall getting a flyer from the merch dude from Volume 11 stating that a Honeywell Demo CD was going to be reissued back then. Guess that never saw the light of day?!?! Might you have some knowledge about this release as well? Thanks again for sharing!

    • hey dude, thanks for checking out the stuff on my site. i have smatterings of songs and i am trying my best to get them all on here. if time permits anytime in the near future, i will try and upload all the songs and send you a link, so you can score them. i am very doubtful that there are anymore of the original cdr’s floating around, so sending you a file is the best i can do. not really sure about any honeywell demo recordings, if they were talking about putting something out, then that means there are some recordings out there…perhaps bobby might have them i dont know. i suppose i could try and inquire. you can find bobby on facebook under the name Oliver Patches. perhaps he might be able to help you. the other one i would suggest is Ryan Hilderbrand. they were both in the band and may be able to help. i will try to do what i can with the Syncopation material, but if you get ahold of bobby, you may want to ask him more about that as well. cheers, jeremy

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