Mark Lanegan

This portrait of Mark Lanegan was made into a postcard with a poem about M.L. written by my friend Edward L. Canavan. I had the ultimate privilege of giving the original artwork to Mister Lanegan’s family and giving my condolences in person. The postcards that were made are being distributed through Heartworm Press with purchases from their amazing catalog. I am indebted to Wesley Eisold for allowing me the opportunity to contribute in my small way, and again ever so grateful to my friend Edward L. Canavan for being a guiding light towards the important arts that I do not always find on my own. I wanted to give M.L. ‘s family and friends their time to heal before posting here. His music and poetry will be with me till the end of my own days.

All The Boys Made Her Mixtapes

This painting done with acrylic in 2007 was a tribute to the mixtape. In the background are images of actual mixtapes from my personal collection. To the right are all the cool boys who made mixes, including poet John Cooper Clark, Dave Davies of The Kinks, and a kid I went to high school with who I knew was into metal but we never really chatted with each other, I just really liked his hair in his senior photo. Mixtapes were the last true calling of a persons interest in communicating with someone else with the power of music. I miss the days of mixtapes, badly.

New Year, more published art!

Starting off my new year with a couple published illustrations! Corvus Review out of Milwaukee WI, hosted all three of the illustrations I submitted to them (thank you Corvus!), even putting one on the cover, which I always take as a huge compliment. Check out that issue at Issue #17 on their website. Second comes a very beautiful printed paper zine called The Charleston Anvil out of Charleston WV. Hand numbered edition of 100 with one of my watercolor/ink illustrations tucked within. You can find them at Thank you Charleston Anvil and Corvus Review! 

Mona Listen

There are very few acrylic paintings left in my possession. Though I hope one day to be able to return to the medium, for now I have to work with the small amount of space I have, which is why I always resort to working with ink and paper. My friend Brandon Proulx is a wonderful photographer and he agreed to take some high quality photos of the few paintings I still have access to that I had never been able to properly archive myself. Here is one of them. More will follow in the weeks to come. Thank you Brandon!

Mona Listen by Jeremy Szuder mixed medium 2007


First Print for Sale!

Well, I’ve gone and had my first batch of prints made and I love them! These Flowerheadz are printed on archival paper with minimal color (I rarely use tons of color in my art), are packaged in sealed clear plastic envelopes with cardboard backing and I have shipping envelopes to send them out. The prints are 8”X10”. DM me if you are interested in purchasing one!

One of many Ballet poems for my Daughter.


The gentle velvet click of beetle bones
and joints rubbing notes of stairway melodies
into a spiral of upwards waltzing,
it begins when the fingerprint transfers
itself onto a pane of cold glass.

The warm flesh is mentioned
so casually as a dot is round,
because it is the vessel of
all brilliant dancers,

even when they have folded
their lanky wings and even when nature
strains to mock the pressing tender foot,
that foot dreaming of becoming
a cat’s paw or a falcon’s beak.

I thirst in a silent swell,
my skull encased in a pillowed ocean
of ballet flats and the ankle weights pulling
sparrow bodies down into pools
beneath the well worn floorboards of
this institution.

To rise again with great passion,
this artistry takes hostage the hearts
of babes who’ve assigned their souls
to the care and possession of a madness
that will never fully pass.

It is an avalanche of ivory keys and
gossamer screams,
sent razor sharp to cut through
the thickness of the summer

. . . .

Inscape Volume 46 2021

Three illustrations have been featured in this beautiful collection brought to you by the kind folks at Washburn University in Topeka Kansas. Smack dab in the middle of this issue that I get to share with a few other great visual artists you will also find a healthy smattering of poems, prose, and short stories from creative types spanning everywhere and then some. You can order this fine publication by visiting the address listed above. Support the underground press!

Thank you so much to Inscape.

Simultaneous Times and Whimsical Poet

Hi everyone. I have two illustrations that are being published in Volume 2 of Space Cowboy Books Science Fiction Anthology by my friend of many years Jean-Paul Garnier. I used to work with Jean-Paul back in our Cannibal Flower years and I also got to do some music stuff and visual collaborations with him. Jean-Paul lives out in the desert these days and runs/owns Space Cowboy Book Shop and also does tons of poetry reading events out in the Joshua Tree area. Order the book here;

Also on that topic, I am grateful and honored to also have a poem titled ‘“Ushering Out Another Summer” in issue #2 for 2021 of Whimsical Poet out of Nyack New York! I was placed as the second poet in the table of contents which I thought was very cool. Check out my poem here;

This publication is also available in print form and on Kindle. Support the underground press and get some!!!

A huge “Thank You” to both of these wonderful publications for their time and energy. I am forever grateful!